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Art life

Art life

1987 – Young Kyiv Artists’ Exhibition, Kyiv

1988 – “Collaboration” – (Lithuania, Armenia, Ukraine) – Moscow, Russia

  • “Youth”, NUA

1989 – International biannual exhibition “Impreza-89” – Ivano-Frankivs’k, Ukraine (catalogue)

1990 – Biannual exhibition of graphic arts

  • «Fifth Annual International Exhibition of Miniature Art» - Canada, Ontario, Del Beilo Gallery

1991 – “Golden Line” - exhibit room of NUA (catalogue)

1992 – “The 2nd Biannual exhibition of graphic arts”, Kaliningrad, Russia (catalogue)

  • “Unity” – State Museum of Ukrainian Visual Arts, Kyiv
  • “Pan-Ukraine”, Dnipropetrovs’k, Ukraine
  • “Eucharist” – Teacher’s House, Kyiv

1993 – International biannual exhibition “Impreza-93”, Ivano-Frankivs’k, Ukraine (catalogue)

  • Exhibition of artists-monumentalists for 110th anniversary of M.Boichuk’s birth, Ternopil’, Ukraine
  • “Time”, Kyiv

1994 – “Graphic reminiscence” – Poland (booklet)

  • “Exhibition of Kyiv Graphics”, Gallery “Kyiv”
  • Exhibition-action “The Sky”
  • “International exhibition of graphics and posters “The 4th block”, Kharkiv

1995 – “Exhibition of Kyiv paintings”, Gallery “Kyiv”

  • “Exhibition of Kyiv monumentalists”, Gallery “Kyiv”
  • “Exhibition of graphics from the collection “Impreza on Spanish places” (catalogue)
  •  “International Biannual exhibition of printed miniature graphics”, Tokyo, Japan, (catalogue)

1996 – Action “Workshop-1”, Kyiv, Experimental creative graphic workshop NUA

  • “Bulgaria with the eyes of Ukrainian artists” – Shumen, Bulgaria, the Embassy of Bulgaria in Ukraine, Slavonic University, Kyiv (booklet)
  •  “Ukraine, your talents are growing stronger” – exhibition in Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (catalogue)

1997 – “Beautiful and Future” – exhibition in Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

  • “The Day of Planet” – Peace Corps of the USA, Kyiv
  • “Art-Festival”, Ukrainian House, Kyiv, gallery “Tadzio” exposition (catalogue)
  • “Triennale of graphics”, NUA (catalogue)

1998 – “Great Royal Pysanka”, gallery “Tadzio” (catalogue)

  • “60 years of NUA”, Ukrainian House, Kyiv
  • “60 years of KO NUA”, exhibition room NUO
  • “Animals”, gallery “36”, Kyiv
  • “Art-festival”, Ukrainian House, Kyiv (catalogue)
  • “Meridians of heart”, Chernivtsi, Ukraine, (catalogue)
  • “Big Art”, gallery “Lavra”, Kyiv
  • “Youth for Ukraine’s future”, Ukrainian House, Kyiv

1999 – “Kisses”, gallery “Tadzio”

  • “Meridians of heart”, Ukrainian House, Kyiv
  • “A woman next to the spring”, Ukrainian National Museum of Visual Arts (booklet)
  • “The holiday of arts in Lavra lane”, gallery “Lavra” (catalogue)
  • “Black coffee”, gallery “Tadzio”
  • “The object of art. Leaves and flowers” (together with I.Lesyns’ka), gallery “36”

2000 – “Kisses”, gallery “Tadzio”

  • Art-festival. Ukrainian House, Kyiv (catalogue)
  • “Triennale of graphics”, NUA
  • International Art-festival. Magdeburg, Germany (catalogue
  •  “Primus stove. A new house”. Exposition of the magazine “Salon”, Sports Palace, Kyiv

2001 – “People and animals”, Ukrainian House, Kyiv

  • “Hares and rabbits”, supervisor, gallery “Mykola’s house”, Kyiv
  • “10 years of independence in works of Kyiv artists”, gallery “Lavra
  • ”The world of my feelings by artists’ eyes”, Yu.Kulik’s collection, Dnipropetrovs’k

2002 – “Trunks”, together with Ukader – gallery of Fund of assistance of art development in Ukraine, Kyiv

2004 – “Self-portrait”, gallery “Mykola’s house”, Kyiv

  • “Friends’ circle”, National Art Gallery, Kyiv

2005 -  “Decouverte” (together with I.Lesyns’ka), Cite des Arts, Paris, France

2006 – “Fish day-6”, gallery “Irena”, Kyiv

2006 – “Pechersk scenery”, gallery “Lavra”, Kyiv

2008 – “Art Kyiv” – international art festival in Ukrainian House, Kyiv

2008 – “The line of modern”, gallery “Bosko”, Kyiv

2009 – “Christmas and jazz”, gallery of Fund of assistance of art development in Ukraine, Kyiv


Personal Exhibitions

  • “The sun-sunflower” – Institute of Literature Academy of Sciences, Kyiv, 1988
  • “The tree of my generation” – gallery Andriivs’kii uzviz, 1990
  • “Hetman Polubotok’s treasure”. Writers’ Union of Ukraine, 1991
  • “The glade”, gallery “Irena”, Kyiv, 1994
  • “Signs of Love”, gallery “Svit-L”, Kyiv, 1996
  • “Sunk gold of wishes”, gallery “Tadzio”, Kyiv, 1998
  • “Island Ukraine”, gallery “Mykola’s house”, Kyiv, 2000
  • “Larysa Pisha’s studio”, gallery of Fund of assistance of art development in Ukraine, Kyiv, 2001
  • “The flower that carries light”, gallery “Mystets” (“Artist”), Kyiv, 2003
  • “The Wings”, gallery “Mystets” (“Artist”), Kyiv, 2006

Monumental Works

“Roads” – painting, Institute of Literature Academy of Sciences, Kyiv, 1988

“Merry hospitality” – painting, canteen of school #10, Brovary, 1990

“Flying Ship” – painting, Centre of radioactive medicine, Kyiv, 1993

“Terra incognita” – painting, restaurant “Horseshoe”, Koncha Zaspa, 2002

Stained-glass windows, restaurant “Monaco”, Kyiv, 2006

Stained-glass windows, paintings of private interiors

Open air

1990, 1992, 1993 – Sedniv, Chernihiv region

1992, 1993, 1994, 1995 – Alupka, Crimea

1993 summer, autumn, 2008 – Khust, zakarpattia

1996 – Shumen, Bulgaria

2002, 2003, 2008 – Croatia

2009 – Sychavka, Odesa region


2001 – “Artist-animal painter of the year” – the cup of international rating “The animal of the year”

2002 – “For natural images implementation in monumental art”, international rating “The animal of the year”

2003 – Second Class silver medal “10 years of Ukrainian independence”

2006 – The letter of commendation “For creative cooperation with Pechers’k district state administration in Kyiv city and in connection with the 85th anniversary of self-government in Pechers’k”

2005 – “Cite des arts”, Paris, France – stage



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