Larysa Pisha

If to look at the world with the eyes full of love to my mind, in this line of one of Larisas poems there is a key with the help of which we can enter the amazing world of painting. Subjects which inspire, images of her paintings are understood by everyone because they are essence: a human and nature, beauty and love, birth sacrament and harmony, imaginary-magic world of kind animals. Compositions of artists works are almost simple, the language of plastic art is laconic and is understood at once. But it is not poster simplicity and not advertising surface but quality and sincerity of ideas. Larysa Pishas paintings radiate powerful energy. It is just enough to look at shapes and attractiveness of lines of female figures, plunge into the abyss of kind eyes of real and fantastic animals, attend to the way of a pencil which gives life or make an explosion  or set on fire to get convinced of this and again, again peer into these works and memorize them.

The artist got good training, she studied at famous masters but anyway she made the world of her art, the world of kindness, beauty and harmony by herself with her generous talent, passion of her heart, and high orderliness of poetry. Love is a dance for me which I take from centuries and present to winds here is also Larysa Pisha, an artist, a poet, a Woman.

Ihor Verba

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